Testimonials From Our Volunteers

IMG_1042“My stay with Pedro & Susana was my best Workaway experience so far. They were gracious hosts, always considerate about our wellbeing, passionate about their work, and fill of joy for life. Their children were a joy to have around, and I’m going to miss each and everyone of them. The work was exactly what I was looking for, physical (don’t worry, not too much) and outdoors. Pedro tries to make sure the work is as varied as possible so you don’t get bored, and get to know every aspect of the farm. He treats you as an equal, and as such I feel like I really contributed something! As the workaway cliché goes: I was only supposed to stay for one month, but ended up staying twice as long, and then only left because of circumstances back home. Although the facilities are still a little primitive, I’m going to miss my home away from home in beautiful Portugal.” – David, Belgium, 17/7/2015

“I had great two months with this beautiful family! It was my first workaway experience and I went there because I wanted to learn about organic and biodynamic plant production. During my stay I learnt a lot, not only about herb farming but also to respect even more this kind of lifestyle. Thanks to them I also learnt something new about myself too. I really appreciate and honor their hard work and dedication and the time they gave to teach me. They really care about their volunteers. It was nice to be a part of this family for a moment, great experience!” – Bettina, Finland, 13/7/2015

IMG_1258“I’ve had an absolutely fantastic 2 months here in sunny Portugal. Pedro, Suzannah and their children have been incredible hosts, so wellcoming and friendly making this easily my best workaway experience so far. The work’s chilled and not too demanding but very rewarding. I’d recommend this experience to anyone!” – Braden, South Africa/Netherlands, 20/7/2015

More awesome testimonials from our Volunteers…

IMG_1146“Susana and Pedro are a blessing to this planet; they honestly care about what you learn and how you feel while working…and if you want to learn anything specific about biodynamics, medicinal herbs, Portuguese history, astrology…just ask! What an amazing, grounding, nourishing thyme I experienced. Wish I could have stayed longer, they have so much to teach. It was an honor to be with their stellar, peaceful family near the river and on the farm. My appreciation and knowledge of biodynamics has expanded and after work I got to make fresh tea with fresh herbs everyday. Grateful for this farm and family; I reccomend to others who are hard workers and like to be constructive, intellectual, and down-to-earth. Pure beauty.” – Chloe, Nevada, USA, 18/8/2015

“It is a very good place to learn about the organic farming process and perhaps more about your self too. It’s not a walk in the park (or field) you should be prepared to work hard but your efforts will be rewarded! Pedro and Suzanna are very knowledgeable about many things so you can have very good discussions (after work). The facilities are basic for everybody living there- but if you need anything then Pedro will get it for you.” – Justin, UK, 12/09/2015

img russky“I stayed with Pedro and Susana 3 weeks and this was amazing days for me. New place, new country, new people, new experience. Pedro very interesting man, every time smiling and positive. He likes his work and his farm. Pedro told me so many things about work in farm, about Portugal and about all world, what I will never forget.
Thank you very much for your positive experience, you gave me.” – Rodion,  Russia, 5/10/2015

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