Thymus vulgaris

EN*  Thymus vulgaris, Well known as Thyme – The origin of the name Thymus is still a mystery. However, for thousands of years Thyme has been known as a symbol of courage, sacrifice, healing and protection. Thyme is our “Green Brave” herb! PT * Thymus vulgaris, conhecido como Tomilho – A origem do nome Thymus … More Thymus vulgaris

Salvia officinalis

EN*  Salvia officinalis, Well known as Sage -The name Salvia derives from the latin Salvere which means to be healthy, to heal and to save. Its meaning reflects its great reputation. PT*  Salvia officinalis, conhecida por Salvia – O nome Salvia deriva do latim Salvere que significa ter saúde, curar e salvar. O seu significado … More Salvia officinalis