Via Flora Biodynamic Botanicals Farm

Biodynamic and Organic certified farm in the heart of Portugal.setembro 2015 103

Our 7 acre garden is growing as we are planting new species in a beautiful location close to the Tejo/ Tagus river in Santarém, Portugal.

In our farm, bees and birds make their presence heard.

Our daily aim in the Via Flora Biodynamic Botanicals Farm is to maintain a high plant quality. Also, we dry them at a very low temperature in a very pratical and natural way.

We are a family with children and we live and work in the farm. Our meals are mainly vegetarian. Most of our clients are from the European continent and we work for premium clients and friends. So,  what you will find  at ViaFlora is all about special care and quality oriented to health use of Nature produce.

Find out more about us at:

Thank you,

Susana & Pedro – Via Flora Biodynamic Botanicals Farm

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